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I truly believe that it is people of color who have shaped so many industries in the background for longer than we know. Now, we are in a time where we can openly and proudly claim our impact. It is the perspectives of people of color that need to and will influence the future of work and I would like to be part of a community that holds exactly this and to contribute my own thoughts from where I’m sitting (remotely, in my kitchen :P).

My parents immigrated to Los Angeles during the civil war in El Salvador. I’m a first-generation American & know what it’s like to stick out in big companies like Amazon & Pandora. I launched RemotePOC to help bring together under-represented groups & help create a positive, supportive community of professionals.

I am eager to build, support, and learn from the RemotePOC community! I think I can be a beneficial resource for those looking for advice or perspective on industry switching, specifically product management. I’d also love to learn more about others and build a network of eager and hungry professionals.

RemotePOC is an amazing community that’s especially necessary right now. I actually found a job and now Iā€™m working remotely!

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RemotePOC exists to help professionals of color who are looking to find remote jobs or internships at great companies. We are a powerful, positive, supportive community. Some channels: #general-introductions (introduce yourself), #where-you-at (shared your location), #safe-space (get support for life/work challenges), #resume-review (give & get feedback to improve your resume), #remote-jobs (job opportunities), #advice-mentors (give & get advice), #articles-tools (share information), #random (for everything else).

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