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My parents immigrated to Los Angeles during the civil war in El Salvador. I’m a first-generation American & know what it’s like to stick out in big companies like Amazon & Pandora. I launched RemotePOC to help bring together under-represented groups & help create a positive, supportive community of professionals.

RemotePOC is an amazing community that’s especially necessary right now. I actually found a job and now Iā€™m working remotely!

Love the RemotePOC community! I’ve been on the job search for a while & it’s been an amazing resource for finding companies that I actually want to work for.

Big thank you for taking out the time to provide a safe and trustworthy place to find remote jobs,. It would be a privileged to be with like minded people all pursuing the same goal and raising each other up. I lost faith in finding a remote job and to see that a community like this exists is a dream and i would like to be a part of and help others realise their dreams.

Why join our community?

RemotePOC exists to help professionals of color who are looking to find remote jobs or internships at great companies. We are a powerful, positive, supportive community. Some channels: #general-introductions (introduce yourself), #where-you-at (shared your location), #safe-space (get support for life/work challenges), #resume-review (give & get feedback to improve your resume), #remote-jobs (job opportunities), #advice-mentors (give & get advice), #articles-tools (share information), #random (for everything else).

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