How Axios hired Onyi as Technical Product Manager 🎉

Case Study

The Story
“I joined RemotePOC a few months ago when I was getting serious about finding a remote role permanently.  It’s a great community and it’s nice to be able to meet people who are going through the same struggles. Finding people I can intersect with on multiple levels is tough – so when I find my people, I hold on, lol ???? RemotePOC has definitely motivated me to start just putting myself out there to really build the life I want for myself, starting with where and how I want to work. I got hired to join Axios after only 34 days thanks to RemotePOC!”

– Onyi Nwosu

The 34 day timeline:

March 2 – I applied
March 8 – First reached out
March 15 – 1st Recruiter phone interview
March 18 – Phone Interview with VP of Engineering and Product
March 24 – SQL Assessment
March 29/30 – Next round of interviews (5 total)
April 1 – Final Interview with VP of Engineering and Product
April 2 – References and Offer letter sent
April 5 – Conversation with a POC engineer
April 6 – Accepted the offer
Location: New York, New York, United States

Work: Technology Professional passionate about products and the people who use them.

Education:1999 2003 Bachelor of Science (BS) in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science @ Columbia University

Skills: Teaching, Research, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Java, Hands On Training, Software Quality Assurance, Manufacturing

The Interview 
“The interview process was great!  The recruiters I worked with were really accommodating.  In the middle of the process my dad got sick and I had to reschedule and they were gracious about the whole thing, which was a nice glimpse into what kind of people run Axios. I loved that the next interview with the head of Engineering and Product were done via phone first (so there isn’t bias based on what people look like).  It was interesting because I asked most of the questions.  It felt like they wanted me to make sure Axios was a place I wanted to be, which was a nice change of pace from interviews I’m used to. Afterward, I took a 1 hour SQL assessment test.
The next round of interviews I spoke with a few different people via Zoom who would be my peers including the leads for QA, Data Engineering, DevOps, and a Senior Product Manager.  They had prepared questions that they asked every candidate for consistency, but the interviews still felt authentic and conversational.
The final interview was with the VP of Engineering and Product again and we had another great conversation.  This one felt like more of an interview (as it was more behavioral).  I appreciated that I still had the opportunity to ask more questions & learn about their culture.
The next day, I was offered the position – my new title will be Technical Product Manager and I’ll be working with the data engineering and devOps teams to manage internal products.  Right now it sounds like the two main products will be a migration from Tableau to Looker and SOC 2 implementation.  The negotiation process was really fair and honest and I appreciated Alexis’s guidance throughout the process.  She also gave me the option to speak with a member of the engineering team who was also in the POC ERG to get a feel for how POC are treated in the company.  The theme through all of the conversations was the candor.  Everyone seemed pretty gracious but also honest.

Thanks so much for creating the RemotePOC community!”

– Onyi Nwosu (Linkedin)