My parents immigrated to Los Angeles during the civil war in El Salvador. I’m a first-generation American & know what it’s like to stick out in big companies like Amazon & Pandora. I launched RemotePOC to help bring together under-represented groups & help create a positive, supportive community of professionals.

I truly believe that it is people of color who have shaped so many industries in the background for longer than we know. Now, we are in a time where we can openly and proudly claim our impact. It is the perspectives of people of color that need to and will influence the future of work and I would like to be part of a community that holds exactly this and to contribute my own thoughts from where I’m sitting (remotely, in my kitchen :P).

I am eager to build, support, and learn from the RemotePOC community! I think I can be a beneficial resource for those looking for advice or perspective on industry switching, specifically product management. I’d also love to learn more about others and build a network of eager and hungry professionals.

RemotePOC is an amazing community that’s especially necessary right now. I actually found a job and now Iā€™m working remotely!

I love being a part of the RemotePOC community to understand what it’s like to be in field where you may be the only one who looks like you. More importantly, to help each other get past hurdles to success in the tech field.