The Vice President of People (VoP) is a critical role in allowing Cro Metrics to grow and scale quickly. The VoP is a torch-bearer of culture, ensuring our cultural values are relevant, current, and thus creating an environment where people feel supported, and are unencumbered to do their best work. This extends to the entire employee lifecycle—from recruiting, to Paid Interviews, through new employee onboarding, steady-state, to employee offboarding. They are also responsible for building the systems, tools, and processes which enable the organization to develop, and retain a diverse, highly talented, purpose-driven team.

As a member of the management team, the VoP will be a key partner to the executive team providing strategic leadership on the development of our people strategy. This role is also responsible for the execution of the people strategy as a business partner for all departments to help build and support teams. This includes overseeing recruiting, developing team leadership, helping to resolve employee relations issues and managing programs and benefits that help develop, acquire, and retain staff. The VoP is also responsible for overall HR operations including payroll and compliance (working closely with Bambee and/or legal counsel) to mitigate our risk. This position is a key strategic role in the company in helping to grow the business, allowing teams to provide exemplary service and results for our clients while evolving a healthy people-oriented culture.

Reporting Structure

The VoP reports to the VP of Operations. They have two direct reports—Talent Acquisition Manager, and People Ops. Coordinator.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Build a people strategy for the organization which is culture aligned and supports our long term growth trajectory
  • Partner with leadership on the long term organizational design and development of the organization
  • Partner with Talent Acquisition Manager to ensure hiring targets are set and met with an emphasis on acquiring the best talent while building a diverse workforce. This includes:
    • Recruiting strategy and resourcing, including DEI targets
    • Evaluating investments in hiring/recruiting to scale
    • Optimize speed to-hire while providing a superior candidate experience
    • Helping manage our external reputation as an employer. (It’s important Cro Metrics is regarded as a great place to work, with opportunities to grow professionally. For example, Glassdoor Reviews.)
  • Provide leadership coaching and guidance with a focus on improving our leadership capabilities
  • Ensure HR compliance and minimize risk on people-related decisions:
    • Compliance with labor laws by state
    • Ensuring policies are up-to-date and that employees review and agree to changes
    • Consulting Bambee and/or legal counsel and work with management on employee issues such as termination, resignation, harassment, discrimination, or any other issues that may put Cro Metrics at risk.
  • Support the Cro management team via consultation, guidelines, and processes around career pathing which includes compensation/bonuses, promotions, performance management, and continued career plan development.
  • Ensure our compensation and benefits align with our people strategy and ensure we remain competitive in the market place.
    • Ensure our total compensation processes (salary benchmarking, adjustments, promotions, job evaluation, etc) are defined and undertaken regularly
    • Manage all aspects of our benefits ensuring (core benefits such as healthcare, 401K, vacation policy along with ancillary benefits) are administered correctly and optimized for employee acquisition and retention while balanced with cost-effectiveness (with quantifiable metrics)
    • Vendor and budget negotiation will also be a critical role during the open enrollment process
  • Ensure our talent management processes are administered properly and optimized for employee value
  • Ensure Cro Metrics is a safe and trusted work environment where people feel supported and are unencumbered to do their best work. This includes providing options to engage as a neutral third party in the event of a conflict or issue.
  • Help manage programs and training to develop staff
  • Proactively work with management to expeditiously terminate individuals for poor performance, and/or values not aligned to our culture, while creating the proper frameworks and procedures to do so (for example, determining adequate severance, keeping separation agreements current and accurate).
  • Is a steward of our culture by ensuring our cultural values are relevant, current, and clear while determining how closely we align to those values and course-correcting as needed. This includes:
    • Our commitment to DEI.
    • Ensuring that all staff understands how people decisions are made and the “why” behind such decisions
    • Periodically assessing the team to determine how closely we align with and are demonstrating our values, along with ensuring Cro Metrics work environment is rooted in a sense of trust and safety
    • Overseeing the All-Hands planning and execution and related events.
  • Ensure employee onboarding and offboarding is an exceptional experience for both the employee and those involved (manager, colleagues)
    • Oversight of self-managed onboarding
    • Moderation, training and coordination of 90-day Peer Review process for new hires