AppOmni is looking for talented Detection Engineers to join our rapidly growing engineering team.

The Role

As a Software Engineer, Threat Detection Platform on the Monitoring and Detection Engineering team, you will contribute directly to major components of AppOmni’s SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) platform. In collaboration with technical leadership, you will be responsible for the design and development of major areas of the codebase that support security detection and response capabilities on SaaS platforms.

This position in a rapidly growing security engineering company is an opportunity to take ownership of significant engineering decisions and implementation of technology that will improve the security of not only enterprise SaaS deployments but their customers and end-users as well.

This role will focus on development of our threat detection platform to collect, normalize, enrich, and enable threat detection capabilities against billions of SaaS events in real-time; enabling AppOmni customers to detect and respond to security threats. Successful candidates in this role will have experience building and maintaining security event ETL pipelines.

We Have:

  • A flexible, remote-first company, with:
  • A team of talented individuals who love answering questions, guided by
  • A high bar for quality and commitment to self-improvement and personal growth, and
  • An open mind for new ideas and methodologies, offering
  • Competitive salary and benefit options
  • Opportunities and support for massive growth

You Have:

  • Excellent technical and non-technical communication skills
  • Experience building, deploying and managing security event pipelines, including event collection, event normalization, event enrichment, and event delivery
  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience with Python3
  • Ability to work with and integrate external APIs

You might also have:

  • Detection and Response/Security Operations experience or at least familiarity with SecOps workflows and concepts.
  • Experience with Django and Django Rest Framework (DRF)
  • Experience with Kubernetes and GKE.
  • Experience deploying and maintaining production applications in IaaS platforms
  • Experience with Scylla, CockroachDB, BigTable, or other distributed database systems

Technology you’ll work with:

  • Python3
  • Go
  • Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • BigQuery
  • Redis
  • Postgres
  • Celery
  • Django
  • Google Cloud Platform + Google Kubernetes Engine


This position can be fully remote or located in either of our two engineering offices:

  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Carbondale, Colorado


We believe in cultivating excellence – within ourselves, and in the work that we do. Our team of customer-centric, data-driven experts are brought together by a shared passion to create tools for the greater good. We are determined to make a difference, to positively impact our way of life by securing the technology that is changing the world.

We believe in being a trusted and transparent partner to our customers, and we are fervent about providing them with high-quality, usable, and dependable software focused on the human experience, built out of a culture of coopetition and a deep understanding of their needs and goals.

We value passion, courage, and kindness. We also know that outstanding talent isn’t found in one location. Our team – veterans of cloud software, security startups, international travel brands, and some of the biggest giants in technology – spans from the mountains of Colorado to the skylines of San Francisco and New York City.

We value our people, and know that wellness and a healthy work/life balance enables them to thrive and bring us their best. Autonomous schedules, flexible commutes, and freedom from punching a clock means our team is empowered to enjoy life, work while inspired, and available when needed.

About AppOmni

AppOmni is a leading provider of SaaS Security Management software. The company was founded by a team of security veterans from top SaaS providers and cybersecurity vendors, and its customer base includes global leaders across technology, healthcare, banking, and finance as well as many of the most well-known cybersecurity providers.
AppOmni’s patented technology scans APIs, security controls, and configuration settings to compare the current state of enterprise SaaS deployments against best practices and business intent. The solution offers fast deployment, instant visibility, and makes it easy for security and IT teams to secure their entire SaaS environment from each vendor to every end user. As SaaS applications evolve, AppOmni stays current with all updates and releases to keep customer environments secure over time.