As a Software Engineer, you’ll build features into the Dispatch platform that will lead us toward our goal of redefining same-day delivery. You’ll dig deep into many parts of the system, and will work across the full stack to create new ideas and improve existing functionality.

We believe that product development is more fun when deploying early and often, splitting up work into bite-sized chunks and getting feedback from real users as quickly as possible.  We also believe that a single engineer should be empowered to develop a feature from start to finish, and that the technology stack should be simple enough to make that realistic.

This is a full-time exempt (computer employee) role that reports to the Manager, Software Engineering.


  • Executes all job duties in alignment with Dispatch’s core values, mission, and purpose
  • Acts ethically, with integrity and complies legal standards to deliver an environment that promotes respect, innovation, and creativity
  • Encourages and fosters an inclusive environment.  An environment where the strengths and expertise of our workforce are welcomed, amplified and exhibited in the work at Dispatch
  • Build high quality features that meet business objectives with a focus on usability
  • Collaborate closely with your teammates through code reviews to keep aligned and adhere to best coding practices
  • Deploy your projects to production frequently and monitor the results to ensure quality and positive outcome
  • Actively solicit feedback from teammates and customers to improve usability of the features being built
  • Work with the rest of the product team to come up with ways to make the product better overall
  • Perform other duties as assigned (to be less than 10% of your responsibilities)


  • Strong interpersonal skills that will keep you productive on a fast moving team
  • A track record of learning new technologies on the fly and finding the right tool for the job
  • Must be a positive, self-driven team-member with a desire to learn


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required
  • Experience building and supporting web applications in a full-stack capacity, preferably 2 years or more
  • Proficiency with Ruby on Rails, Java, .net, Python, PHP,  or Groovy (required) and  Javascript/React (preferred)
  • Experience with React Native, iOS, Android, ElasticSearch, Google Maps APIs are a bonus

Even if you don’t match 100% of the requirements, we still encourage you to apply so that we may possibly talk and see how you could still contribute to Dispatch in meaningful ways!


Dispatch is a technology-based company that redefines the way same-day deliveries are made in the B2B space. With our network of independent contractor drivers, Dispatch puts suppliers, businesses, and technicians in control of local deliveries with real-time tracking and transparency. We strive to deliver the best value and service to our customers every day.

Dispatch started in the Twin Cities, but is now in dozens of markets across the country. With all of this growth, we maintain a strong focus on our company culture. Dispatch operates on five core values: People First, Belief, Speed to Value, Driven to Deliver, and Transparency. If you connect with these values, we’d love to learn more about you!