This role is for a Senior Software Engineer for Developer Experience and Productivity (DX) Fleet. You will be responsible for building solutions, tools, and processes that enable other engineers at Bitso to succeed. The Engineer in this position has proven years building tools, delivering high quality and world-class solutions, applying best practices and challenging the existing development models.

You will work in a fast-paced environment and closely with different teams, Fleets and Tribes across the company to build the best solutions for engineers to be able to release all their potential and to be pleased and at the highest-level of productivity.

To succeed you will need to be hands on, have an eye for details along with a broad view of the whole development engineering process (design of the solution, development frameworks, selection of best tools and practices, quality and continuous improvement cycle).

Software Engineering has to be your passion.

Your impact:

  • Design/architect and develop tools, technologies and processes to enable local development, test automation, deployment automation and other developer self-service capabilities.
  • Develop systems and tools to enable hands-off deployment and management of software in all environments.
  • Own and implement the tool chain that every Bitso developer will use.
  • Write a high-performance code designed for scale.

Who you are:

  • 5+ years of working experience as a Software Engineer and related positions, with solid engineering skills.
  • Solid experience with Kubernetes clusters (ideally EKS).
  • Experience with AWS (or other).
  • Good knowledge of CI/CD tools.
  • Extensive experience writing code and building products in different languages (e.g Java, JavaScript, Go, Ruby, Python, etc.).
  • Amazing Git skills and proficiency with other development tools and IDEs.
  • English language proficiency.

You will differentiate yourself if you:

  • Have knowledge of things like PHP, Splunk, React, Design Patterns, REDIS, Kafka, Datadog, CircleCI.
  • Are curious learner and analytical problem solver.
  • Have passion for aggressively automating everything you do.
  • Rolling up your sleeves and getting things done.

About Bitso:

Bitso is Latin America’s leading cryptocurrency platform. Our goal is to evolve how we think about and use money. We believe that we should all have the opportunity to use our money whenever we want it, and how we want it, without boundaries or schedules. To achieve this, we provide individuals with fast, cheap, seamless and user-friendly financial services powered by blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies do not rely on intermediaries to give them legitimacy or value. Instead, they are valuable because of the peer-to-peer technology that powers them. We firmly believe in crypto and the use cases it has. It’s time for the world to upgrade to a fair, open, transparent, and global financial system for all. #makecryptouseful. 

Visit us at https://bitso.com/

Bitso promotes an environment where people are treated fairly and with respect, free of discrimination, bullying, harassment, violence or threats.

Please visit: https://bitso.com/legal/GI/terms to see our privacy policy.

Compensation and Benefits:
  • Purpose: You’ll be part of something bigger, working towards financial disruption and inclusion across Latin America.
  • Culture: You’ll work in a thriving, friendly, and fun environment that promotes open discussions, jokes, learning, video games, and lots of fun.
  • People: You’ll work with some of the most driven and intelligent people in the crypto space, engaging with a network of diverse talent from 25+ nationalities bound by our quest to #makecryptouseful.
  • Salary: We pay competitively in the countries where we operate.
  • Venue: Work from wherever you want, work asynchronously; this role is fully remote to give you maximum freedom.
  • Unlimited Paid Time-Off:  You choose your number of days off. Recharge batteries and enjoy who you are outside the office
  • Employee Stock Option Plan: we want our team members to be owners of the company. Therefore, as we all together crave for the success of our business, you will be eligible to participate in our stock option plan!

  • This role is expected to work remotely.
  • These are the applicable requisites, although equivalent competencies in any of the above will also be considered.