Edquity seeks a General Manager, State and Municipal Government who is passionate about anti-poverty work, equity in higher education, social justice for low and middle-income individuals, and social mobility generally.

We are looking for an individual with experience and a strong skill set in team development, organizational design, go-to-market strategy, and execution.

The General Manager, State and Municipal Government should be prepared to work closely with the CEO and Edquityʼs broader executive team to build and oversee Edquityʼs new business unit, define and execute go-to-market strategy, and ensure business goals are achieved. This will include mapping out the right organizational design and building an elite team; identifying and overseeing the execution of the correct productivity metrics; and generally serving as the “CEO” of the business.


As the GM, State and Municipal Government you will:

  • Map out the necessary staffing of the business unit and serve as the key driver of leadership and broader talent acquisition
  • Identify the correct go-to-market strategy, mechanics, and execution based on Edquityʼs early partnerships, successes, and sales data points
  • Develop Edquityʼs first customer journey in this new business unit that provides for elite acquisition and retention of partners
  • Provide day-to-day leadership to ensure that Edquity is operating in a manner to meet OKR and goal achievement targets across all functions in the business unit
  • Help define and oversee the critical operational KPIs that speak to the health of Edquityʼs day-to-day and forward looking operations.
  • Work with COO to represent the appropriate staffing to ensure execution of operational responsibilities, including finance, risk management, compliance, and miscellaneous legal as well as working with Edquityʼs Head of People to ensure the cultural integrity of Edquity.
  • Work closely with Chief Product Officer to ensure appropriate product prioritization based on customer needs and market insights
  • Serve as an unparalleled subject matter expert around state and local government, all policy relevant to public benefit programs, and cash transfer programs generally.


  • 2+ yearsʼ experience in GM or GTM role
  • 5+ years experience managing teams of more than 25
  • Ability to multi-task, manage multiple projects, and think creatively
  • Elite organizational skills
  • High EQ and ability to excel in and immerse oneself in an environment that engages sensitive cultural, gender, racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic issues.
  • Track record of fostering accountability and transparency to drive second-to-none productivity and predictability in organizations
  • Understanding and familiarity with industries with a long sales-cycle and best practices for thriving in such an environment.
  • Proactive, self-directed mentality with a hunger to learn and a willingness to take on responsibilities sometimes outside of oneʼs “lane”
  • Startup experience or government experience preferred

Company Overview

Edquity is an anti-poverty technology focused on redesigning the safety net to provide cash for all Americans in need. Edquity does this in higher education, where we streamline access to emergency aid for college students, and in partnership with state and municipal government, where we create a fast and equitable infrastructure to administer cash benefits to the individuals who need it most. Our methodology harnesses the collective power of sociology, behavioral science, and technology to address common pitfalls, including racial bias, inefficiency, compliance risk, and lack of transparency and monitoring. To date, Edquity has administered over $100 million in government funding to more than 100,000 recipients and has demonstrated that we improve key societal outcomes, such as graduation rate, by as much as 2x. The organization has raised over $8M in funding and is scaling rapidly to administer hundreds of millions in emergency cash assistance to students and low-income Americans in need.