About Platform.sh

Platform.sh is a remote-first global workforce that began in France. Our founders are committed to a better way, and that common thread continues today in each of our staff. We’re inspired by a future where digital infrastructure is at once everywhere and invisible. Where innovation and collaboration can easily flow, without technical barriers.

We’re a collective of diverse backgrounds seated together, testing, innovating, challenging each other, and reflecting on new ways to improve digital experiences. We’re here to help our customers thrive.

Bring your experience to our team and help us build a better way.

Position Summary

Platform.sh is excited to announce an opening for a FinOps Practitioner.  This role will live in the Data team and is part of the broader Operations department.  The mission of the Data team is to make Platform.sh smarter by enabling a deeper understanding of our customers and our internal operations.  Your role in this will be bringing your industry expertise and curiosity to help evolve our FinOps practice.

Platform.sh is a multi-cloud PaaS, and as such we have cloud bills from several different vendors including AWS, Azure, GCP, and others.  In-depth understanding of the structure of these bills and how that affects our internal allocation strategies plays an important role in the overall financial reporting of the company.  Our current reservation management regime is potentially unique and also falls within the scope of this role.

In essence, we are looking for a curious, data-minded teammate to join a growing team with 4 other certified practitioners to help Platform.sh evolve the overall practice here.  Both the finance and SRE teams are involved and receptive to our evangelism and frequent requests to evolve our tagging methodologies, as well as our opinions on how to structure these different bills for greatest impact and velocity.

We are well positioned compared to other companies that we heard about at FinOpsX who struggle with being able to get all the data required to do the job.  We have the data, we need more minds like yours helping to move us forward.  Ultimately this role will have the capacity to shape policy here at Platform.sh.

What you can expect to do on a monthly basis

Most of the typical FinOps responsibilities fall into the scope of this role are:

  • Learning and improving our tagging and other strategies related to cost allocation
  • Planning and managing reservations on all 3 public cloud vendors
  • After coming up to speed on the above and the architecture of our platform, your curiosity to uncover optimization opportunities across the company is going to be your strongest asset

What you bring

  • SQL is a required tool in your toolbox. All our answers are in BigQuery
  • You should be a FinOps certified practitioner already.  If you are not, we’ll insist that you complete the process as part of your onboarding
  • You must have hands-on experience with reservation management on at least 1 of the major 3 cloud vendors

Ideally, you stay in touch with the FinOps community and love to share ideas that you’ve had or articles that you’ve read that might help evolve our practice.  You communicate well in writing as we’re a fully remote team and ideally you live somewhere in between UTC+2 and UTC-5 as most of the team is in CET and EST.  Please submit a cover letter – we read all of them and they count for a lot.

Most importantly, you have an insatiable curiosity and love rolling up your sleeves and using data to figure out a mystery.

What we bring as a team

  • A team of people who are passionate, open, multicultural, friendly, smart & humble to collaborate with to revolutionize the tech industry
  • Training, support, benevolence with strong business ethics to help you grow as a professional
  • High impact work

This is a remote job. Work from anywhere!

We’re a worldwide, distributed team looking for the best talent. Our remote model has been in practice and thriving since 2014. To us, remote work means flexibility and having truly diverse, global teams.

As a side effect of teams being spread across time zones, you may have to tolerate occasional early morning meetings if you live in the Americas, or late afternoon meetings if you live in an EMEA country*. We do our best to accommodate time zones but there are preferred hours for certain roles and teams. The team you interview with will be able to give you a clear idea of their collaborative hours.

Company perks and benefits

  • Leadership that cares
  • A global team rich with culture and diversity
  • An open work environment where your voice is encouraged. We can always find ways to do better and look forward to hearing your ideas.
  • A product you can believe in. We’re changing the way companies develop and manage their web applications
  • Wellness stipend of $300 a year
  • Professional development budget of $800
  • Tandem – a pool of linguists from around the world willing to help each other work on learning new languages
  • $3,000 office budget at hire (computer is mandatory but spend the rest on things that help you work, from headphones to a wifi extender) and a welcome kit of branded swag
  • A yearly global gift exchange – get paired up with someone 3,000 miles or kilometers away and share a part of your home
  • We’re voted as A Best Place to Work. 96% of employees think Platform.sh is a great place to work
  • Company-wide DE&I initiative that you can be a part of
  • Yearly, international, company-wide meetups (when we’re not experiencing a pandemic)
  • Fair PTO based on your country’s standards
  • Inclusive parental leave (timeline is country-dependent)
  • Remote working/flexibility
  • Healthcare, dental, and vision (US, CA, UK and FR staff only)
  • Matched contributions to 401K/RRSP (US and Canada staff only)
  • Extra compensation for on-call ops and support staff
  • Company shares (discretionary)
  • Unlimited Platform.sh accounts
  • 6 months of individual coaching for all new managers

About our recruitment process

We don’t expect a great hire to meet every requirement we have listed. If you can see yourself elevating the team we want to hear about your story. Few of us would be here had we not taken a chance.

You can expect 1-4 interviews on Google Meet. We leave the process fairly customizable to teams and roles, so in some scenarios we’re able to streamline the process to have minimal rounds. Expect a higher number of rounds for director level roles and above.

Additionally, you can schedule coffee chats with potential future peers while you’re in the recruitment process to see if you can envision working together. Use interview and coffee time to make sure the company aligns with your best working environment.

All roles require background checks.

About our software

We are the most unified, secure, enterprise-grade platform for building, running and scaling fleets of websites and applications. Platform.sh is trusted by 5,000+ organizations globally to create the best digital experiences.