About Replit
We’re focusing on: building the world’s most ubiquitous programming environment; inspiring creativity and generating value for creators through community; and designing simple yet scalable infrastructure primitives for the next generation of creators. We want to blur the line between learning and making– a place where you can hang out, tinker with ideas, learn new concepts, and launch a business all in the same day.

As an Executive Assistant, you have an opportunity to join a high-growth startup and help our team move faster, ship faster, and grow faster. You’ll have an immediate and long-term impact! This position supports executives in their roles. You will take over smaller responsibilities and handle other day-to-day items while attending meetings on behalf of the executive leader to write notes for them and lead strategic planning processes across an organization. You will oversee various aspects of managing the logistics of a CEO or Executive’s daily work. You are key to ensuring that executives constantly remain in touch with their company. You will do this by taking over daily duties, interacting closely with employees, and identifying and addressing any issues that may arise. You are also responsible for filtering key information as it gets shared up through executive ranks.

We pride ourselves on providing the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance your career at Replit with a constant emphasis on expanding your knowledge base and core competencies, proactively creating solutions, and leveraging your curiosity to help us create the next, best version of Replit, regardless of your title.

You will be responsible for:

  • Effectively manage scheduling, correspondence, travel, and Executive Team cohesion for the CEO
  • Partner internally to ensure frictionless flow of information and reporting between the Executive Team and the entire organization. For example – Aggregating weekly/monthly updates to make sure information is accurate, updated, and easily accessible.
  • Manage and vet a growing list of external and internal requests for time to ensure ROI. Examples being requests from media, investors, peers, etc.
  • Be(come) an omniscient resource for the CEO, Executive Team, and the full Replit team by quickly developing an understanding of the company, products, culture, and key stakeholders
  • Co-manage two, all-company conferences and create consistent small events to ensure company cohesion. Examples include – monthly meetups and dinner events.
  • Build and maintain relationships with peer Executive Assistants of investors and key business partners to ensure timely execution of meetings, shared objectives, needs, etc.
  • Manage Replit’s Administrative function including all EAs, Office Managers and PA’s
  • Attend/proxy key meetings to summarize, assign, and follow up on action items

Required Skills/Experience

  • Experienced as a top-producing, C-suite Executive Assistant
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented
  • A stellar communicator with superb writing and presentation skills
  • Curious, honest, straightforward, and unflappable in fast-moving environments
  • Able to understand, create, and extrapolate data from financial reports
  • An entrepreneurial thinker who operates autonomously and without direction
  • Able to manage projects end-to-end, rally the support of key stakeholders and contributors, and ensure timelines are adhered to

Location Requirements: The role is primarily remote (50-75%) but must be located in the SF Bay Area due to the frequent need for event support.

Bonus Points:

  • You enjoy being on a high-growth startup team
  • You’ve supported startup CEOs more than once
  • You understand and have a passion for the tech space that we’re in
  • You know how to code (or want to)