Computers are the most powerful tools to exist in the history of humanity. Today, only a relative few—professional software developers—can use this superpower to its fullest extent. This has created an unbalanced world where there are only programmers and those who consume their programs. Replit wants to change that dynamic by bringing the next billion software creators online.
Note that the listed qualifications are mere approximations. If you’re a talented hacker but don’t really fit the requirements then get in touch anyways.
Position: Developer Experience Engineer
Roles & Responsibilities
* Make our flagship languages feature-complete (packager integration, debugger, LSP)
* Keep languages up-to-date
* Add new languages as soon as there is community interest
* Create templates for common needs
Key Qualifications
* Built or contributed to developer tools
* Self-directed and comfortable working autonomously
Bonus Points
* Appreciation for simplicity and pragmatism
* Experience building Platform/Infrastructure/Runtime as a Service
* Experience with NixOS or the Nix ecosystem
* Managed a public-facing project
Job Location
Global (overlap 4 hours with US Pacific Time)