Inrupt has already built an architecture that scales and uses best-practices, but the world keeps changing and your expertise will allow us to go further and do better.

The Role

Inrupt has already built an architecture that scales and uses best-practices, but the world keeps changing and your expertise will allow us to go further and do better. As an example, Inrupt could be deploying our software in a secure enclave with only a network pipe into it, which will act as a bottleneck. As an SRE at Inrupt you will be able to make it sing by choosing good settings and making it adaptable so it works well in lots of environments without our customers needing your level of expertise. Another example would be an innovative use of a CDN that can confidentially cache content to make it highly available while also ensuring authorization is applied correctly.

Many SREs come to the profession from other disciplines such as development, operations or networking. Those skills are very important to being successful and give the SRE team depth that is valuable. We welcome people who perhaps werenโ€™t labelled โ€œSREโ€ in the past-we don’t like labels at Inrupt, we like people who have the skills and attitude to be an SRE. There are always things we can learn from each other, and our existing team will help you grow into the role. Although youโ€™ll maintain your special skills, youโ€™ll also become more capable elsewhere.

About You

  • You are a problem solver who enjoys team collaboration and proactively anticipating customer needs
  • You are familiar with the software development lifecycle and comfortable with tools such as source control and setting up a development environment
  • You are experienced with systems engineering at scale and understanding how things fail, determining where to put data/configuration, and working out if incurred costs are delivering value
  • You are an experienced programmer who knows how to solve problems using code, makes pragmatic language selection decisions, follows the local style when fixing or extending an existing component, and writes readable, maintainable code
  • You excel at selecting tools to solve problems and making that tooling adaptable to change

Professional Experience

At Inrupt we manage environments that will benefit from your experience in the following areas. If you have first-hand experience in five or more of these we would really love to hear from you.

  • Maintain health of cloud-based development and production environments through monitoring and daily administration duties
  • Manage CDNs, DNS, web servers, and other supporting Internet services
  • Ensure Inrupt follows best practices for reliability, fault tolerance, availability, latency, performance, efficiency, monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning
  • Ensure security practices such as npm audit, encryption and threat modeling
  • Be on-call and respond to issues identified by alerts and reported incidents
  • Automate infrastructure, operational activities and tasks by anticipating failures and coding appropriate responses
  • Build tooling that reduces access required by balancing what is sufficient without being too broad
  • Adapt to various clouds and make custom work that is appropriate to the scale of the problem, keep up to date with changes and help other teams understand new opportunities
  • Understand the requirements and metrics needed to hit performance goals while finding new ways to deliver performance at less cost
  • Build systems to show how things are evolving, what level they should run at, and the potential costs and benefits of different solutions
  • Find cost effective ways to improve availability and determine if things are going poorly
  • Work with developers to deliver software releases, configuration updates and other release requirements while building self-service tools
  • Determine what style fits networking problems and building in resiliency
  • Monitor capacity management by keeping an eye out for upcoming problems and focus on design portability so issues can be sidestepped as needed
  • Ensure delivery that focuses on continuous integration, testing, reliability, chaos engineering, micro-service, containers, orchestration and cluster management

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@inrupt.com