nZero is a leading SaaS company that specializes in delivering emissions and usage data accurate to the hour to our customers to make sustainable, environmentally conscious, and financially prudent decisions. We are committed to creating a greener future by helping companies understand their carbon impact and giving them tools to make quick decisions. We are seeking a talented and experienced Senior Security Architect to join our dedicated team. At nZero, we believe that security is the foundation of our operations and that robust platform and application security measures are key to protecting our customer’s data and trust. Join us in our mission to safeguard our robust tools that support companies’ net-zero efforts and customer data.

As a Senior Security Architect at nZero, you will play an instrumental role in architecting our platform and application security. You will take the lead in handling and executing all compliance efforts, including SOC-2, ISO27001 and FedRAMP, while also interacting with customers on security-related questions. Your expertise in cyber security and knowledge of current compliance standards will be essential to ensure our platforms are safe, secure, and compliant.


  • Define and coordinate the implementation of robust platform and application security measures to protect sensitive data and systems.
  • Handle and execute all compliance efforts, including SOC-2, ISO27001, and FedRAMP, and ensure our systems are compliant with all necessary regulations.
  • Interact with customers to answer their security-related questions and instill trust in our systems and procedures.
  • Perform and coordinate regular security audits, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments.
  • Develop and maintain security policies, procedures, and control documentation in line with compliance requirements.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to instill a culture of security awareness and implement security best practices.
  • Monitor and respond to security incidents while developing proactive measures to prevent future breaches.
  • Stay current with the latest advancements in security technologies, tools, and best practices, and suggest their adoption when they align with nZero’s objectives.


  • Bachelorโ€™s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Information Systems, or substantial work experience in a related technology.
  • Proven experience as a Security Architect or similar role, with a strong understanding of cyber security concepts and principles.
  • Hands-on experience with compliance standards such as SOC-2 and FedRAMP.
  • Deep understanding of a wide range of security technologies and concepts, including encryption, authentication, network security, and cloud security.
  • Proficiency in risk assessment, security auditing, and incident response.
  • Strong programming skills, preferably in Python, and familiarity with secure coding practices.
  • Experience with security tools and technologies, such as IDS/IPS, firewalls, and SIEM systems.
  • Experience with cloud environments, preferably AWS, and related security practices.
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, with the ability to work in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to translate complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Passion for security, privacy, and making a positive impact.
About nZero:
nZero is a near real-time (NRT) carbon data and sustainability platform that gives NGOs, government agencies, and organizations the accurate emissions data they need to reach net zero, communicate their story, and make smart decisions that benefit the health of the planet. Unlike carbon management offerings who rely on third-party data and opaque averages, nZero gathers accurate, first-party, contextual data into a comprehensive view, making it simple for organizations to pinpoint opportunities within their operations to implement carbon reduction actions and spend smarter along the way. nZero’s awards and recognitions include the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) Existing Industry 2022 “Leader in Sustainability” Award, Business Intelligence Group’s 2022 Sustainability Product of the Year Award, a place on TIME Magazine’s 2022 Best Inventions List in the Sustainability Category, as well as an honorable mention on Fast Company’s 2022 World-Changing Ideas List.