About HealthRhythms

At HealthRhythms, our mission is to alleviate unnecessary suffering by bringing mental health into the modern era of medicine. We have combined the multi-dimensional sensing capabilities of mobile phones with the power of embedded and cloud computing platforms and novel AI algorithms to continuously measure mental health status. We are realizing the vision of precision medicine for mental health by anticipating deterioration of mental health and delivering personalized, just-in-time interventions.

We have built and tested this platform with $7M of NIH funding and are commercializing with a dual-track focus on pharma and US payors. Based on the elite quality of the team, the empirical evidence, and the innovation itself, we have closed a highly over-subscribed $11M seed financing with 36+ top Silicon Valley health tech and healthcare investors. Brook Byers (Kleiner) personally co-anchored the round with GSR Ventures ($3B health tech).

If joining an accelerating, 100% remote startup that is trying to significantly improve people’s lives sounds meaningful and exciting to you, please read on and apply. 

As a QA Lead for HealthRhythms, you are someone who thrives in a dynamic early-stage company, who cares deeply about our mission to improve mental health for as many people as possible and sees that improving the quality of our product is one of the key ways to help realize this mission. As our first QA person, you will begin in a hands-on manner as a QA engineer and have significant scope to engage a highly collaborative team in improving quality as well as growing and managing your QA team.

As QA Lead, you will:

  • Understand factors affecting the quality of HealthRhythms’ mental health assessment tools including end-users perceptions of quality
  • Identify optimal feedback loops and test sets to ensure overall product quality improves at an optimal rate
  • Help establish an ethos of quality and testing throughout the team
  • Work cross-functionally with senior risk stakeholders to formulate remediation action items and ensure timely compliance with the associated action plans
  • Establish and document QA processes across the core divisions (i.e. mobile, backend, data science), design test cases and analyze most impactful factors to address in order to improve quality
  • Guide and lead team members regarding QA and best practices
  • Set & track QA targets intended to help us achieve company objectives and communicate status frequently to company

You have the following required experience:

  • Computer science degree or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years of technical leadership experience
  • Experience with build, testing and continuous integration tools
  • Experience with Agile development methodology
  • Experience in system monitoring and problem troubleshooting
  • Experience of mobile (Android, iOS) test tools and technologies
  • Experience of assessing quality in digital health machine learning products
  • Experience writing utilities / automation tools using Python

You’re a person who:

  • is inquisitive, methodical, and analytical in testing applications
  • thrives in self-motivated internal-innovation driven environment
  • cares deeply about mental health and sees product quality as an essential factor in improving mental health
  • is passionate about QA and has an ability to bring others in the company along with you

What we value? 

  • Mental health as foundational to overall health.
  • Protecting patient privacy at all costs. We actively develop privacy protective algorithms to ensure that only clinically relevant information is recorded.
  • Creating person-specific interventions driven by Machine Learning that dynamically adapt and scale, yet remain personal
  • Deploying empirically-validated approaches to measuring and improving mental health
  • Empathically supporting people in becoming more active, socially engaged, and above all more mentally healthy

We value passion in people to transform how mental health is considered in society

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

We believe that diversity makes us better: we welcome people from all backgrounds.

HealthRhythms is a Social Impact Organization

The unmet need: In contrast to all other areas of medicine, up until now mental health has been largely reliant on subjective patient self-report. This contributes to reduced quality of care and poorer treatment outcomes, leading to higher dropout rates, ER visits, hospitalizations, etc. Mental health clinicians need objectives, continuously collected and easily interpretable patient data to fully appreciate patient status and enable quick, flexible, and targeted interventions. Patients and families need information that can help them to manage their own illness in a more effective manner.

HealthRhythms is on a mission to become the world leader in objectively measuring mental health. We do this by capturing critical behavioral information — from sleep/wake rhythms, and physical activity, to social engagement (patterns of out-of-home activity, patterns of technology use and screen time, etc.) and more — to provide a more complete picture of individuals’ behavioral health with clinically actionable insight.

Mental health clinicians, health systems and payers need objective, continuously collected and easily interpretable patient data to fully appreciate patient status and enable quick, flexible, and targeted interventions that lead to positive outcomes and reduced treatment costs. Patients, and their families, need information that can help them to manage their own illness in a more effective manner.

It is time to re-imagine what the next generation of mental health care as universal health care can look like.

  • This is a universal human problem – not local, not cultural, not tribal, this extends across all of humanity; there are different cultural expressions and it hits different cultures differently but we can bring a universal understanding to this
  • If we can make the nature of this empirical and not invisible suffering then it is validating and we can remove the stigma associated with mental illness 
  • Imagine if your personal devices could really know you, know you in the sense of tracking a rich set of behaviors to continuously, accurately assess your mental health
  • Imagine that machine learning translates that intimate knowledge of your daily behaviors into precise suggestions for behavior change that lead to improvement in symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. This is the promise of digital phenotyping.
  • Just as digital biomarkers can transform human access to mental health self-care, digital biomarkers can transform clinical support of more acute populations where there is a great unmet need.
  • Our solutions ensure equity of access: they are accessible to anyone who owns a smartphone and has a connectivity contract or access WiFi.  Our digital intervention platforms are accessible wherever there is cellular signal or WiFi available, bringing validated intervention to those who for either financial or geographic reasons do not have access to care.
  • To learn more about the team Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms deemed as world class for a mission focused on behavioral health, click here to see our team bios.