Representing Public Media across the country

Live What You Love.

In our world, community accounts are the small businesses, local nonprofits, and community events that put the “public” in public media. They have big dreams, but small budgets with little opportunity for growth, but they love public radio and can’t wait to hear their message on their favorite stations.

If you love your community and want to help small, quirky businesses and nonprofits connect with the public radio station you listen to every day, we need to talk!

Your Success Representing Community Accounts Will Be Measured By:

  • Sponsor Management – Work an account list across multiple markets, learn about a broad array of small businesses and nonprofits, and use these insights to offer timely expertise on broadcast solutions and effective messaging to help your clients succeed and grow revenue for public radio. May include email, phone calls, zoom meetings, or even human-powered chat-box conversations, oh my!
  • Sense of Adventure – Build and maintain positive relationships with sponsors and colleagues as this team reinvents modern sales for public radio stations around the country.
  • Love for all things process – Track and manage your activity by documenting activity in our CRM and work to improve the systems to continue to help even more small businesses, local nonprofits, and community events succeed.

What A Typical Day Might Look Like

Your goal is to manage the workflow of the small community account from the first contact until they process their order through our automated, self-serve, patent-pending Gateway.

You’ll spend your day engaging with community accounts via phone, email, and chat while you help them navigate the process of setting up a broadcast campaign to engage loyal public media fans just like you…

And at the end of the day, you’ll rest assured knowing you helped someone with big dreams and a small budget access a powerful audience in an economical, effective way. You didn’t waste their time or money, and the sponsor, the station, and ultimately the listener will benefit.

Who You’ll Work With

The community accounts team known as “The Fontaines” is led by Stacy Bertinelli, who has been supporting public media since 2001.  The rest of the small and mighty team is made of other community account specialists across the country helping keep the public in public media alive. Coast to coast and pound for pound, the Fontaines are reinventing modern sales for public radio, including the debut of the patent-pending, self-serve scheduling system, the Gateway.

 You’ll also be supported by the amazing folks at Market Enginuity to help you excel in your new role.

You Have What It Takes If You

  • Willing to make outbound calls to qualified leads
  • Strong process orientation and ability to follow standard procedures
  • Have strong interpersonal and communication skills, and a history of developing trusted relationships

Why You’ll Love Working Here

Work remotely from any state where we do business

A reliable internet connection is all that’s needed. We supply the rest. Seriously!

 Time Away From Work

At Enginuity, you’re actually encouraged to take your vacation! We understand how important it is to feel refreshed and re-energized and back it up by starting you off with great paid-time-off perks including 20 PTO days your first year in addition to 10 national holidays we observe, a floating holiday you can take any time, and a Community Impact Day to give back.

Peace Of Mind Comes With Great Benefits

We know that you do your best work when essentials are taken care of, so we do it for you.

We’ve got you covered with several healthcare plans to choose from, personal health savings account the company generously contributes to, and dental, and vision insurance. And if you choose, even Fido can have his own pet care plan to cover vet costs! (The Fontaines routinely have Townes the Cat and Betty the Basset Hound attend their virtual huddles) In addition, Enginuity also pays the entire premium for short- and long-term disability and life insurance.

Bring Your Whole Self To Work. Each Day. Everyday.

As leaders in mission-driven media, we seek talent as unique as the audiences we help our clients reach. That’s why we are committed to a culture of inclusion where individuals from every walk of life feel respected, are treated fairly, and provided work-life harmony and an opportunity to excel. Our mindful objectives include curating a diverse workplace where we invite authenticity, encourage curiosity, and treasure collaboration.

So, bring yourself to Market Enginuity – your skills, experiences, ideas – where your whole self is welcome.

Learn More About Us

Market Enginuity fuels mission-driven, educational, and inspiring independent media to benefit stations, producers, sponsors, and audiences.

For over two decades we’ve been building the largest team in the country that specializes in corporate sponsorship sales. The passion is still personal and carried by

more than 140 people ingrained in the communities where we live and work, and the

stations we support with our contributions. Market Enginuity attracts the best people who together create the standard of excellence for corporate support in public media across the country.

You can learn more about us on our website: https://marketenginuity.com/about-us/

*This role can be located in any of the following states & the District of Columbia, where Market Enginuity is authorized to do business: